Open-sourcing Discord Genius bot

My discord bot’s source code will soon be released on GitHub under the GNU GPLv3 license. I decided to make it open source to contribute to the growing number of open source projects.

Lot of spam comments

I recently started getting a lot of spam comments on my posts, so I implemented the Google reCaptcha v3 captcha. If it says “Please try again BOT” when you try to post a comment, reload the page, move the mouse around a little and try again.

Done with the lidar project brute-force SLAM algorithm

I finished creating the brute-force SLAM algorithm for the lidar project. Simply put, the algorithm tests all possible movement, calculates the offsets of all these movements and then it uses the calculated movement with the least offset. The algorithm seems to be pretty reliable. It was made in OpenCL. The algorithm must run on a GPU, as a CPU isn’t powerful enough to handle all the calculations. OpenCL enables this and also opens the path to heterogenous computing (computing on more than 1 core.) A high-end graphics card is not required, my Intel HD 4000 integrated in my i5-3320m can easily run it.

Creating new algorithm for lidar project SLAM

I already created the mouse and gyro sensor SLAM for the lidar project, but I will write another program for it. This program will involve using a brute force algorithm and using a GPU. An article explaining this will be published shortly.

Using optical tracking on lidar project

I have faced many problems in the SLAM algorithm based on the lidar readings, so I’m putting a mouse on the robot and use that mouse for optical tracking. The software code is already completed, it’s the github of the project. So if you want to check it out, just head over there. I will assemble the mouse on the robot this weekend. I will post the updates here in the news section.